Sometimes I wear regular clothes!

I am a former nurse, current Military Wife and Mom. I am Passionate about living my best life possible and bringing others along for the ride!

I have spent decades living all across this wonderful country and abroad and didn’t find my new love of fitness until my 30’s. The doors it opened and opportunities it brought forth I could never have dreamed of.

For all those struggling with health; feeling there is something missing and/or struggling with fitness goals, I get you. I see you. I WAS you. I spent almost 10 years working in critical care. I was helping and treating acute and chronic people in ICUs. I saw the suffering and the toll poor lifestyle and health choices took on not only the person, but all who surrounded them. I didn’t take care of myself either. I was overweight; I had poor diet and health habits of my own and bounced from gym to gym without direction or a plan. I began teaching fitness almost by a fluke after my daughter was born for stress relief and some “me time” and have since taught fitness classes for nearly 20 years. It is what started my fitness journey. It brought Yoga into my life, then endurance sports. I tried CrossFit, and now working on Ultra running and Triathlon. The change in fitness not only made me healthier, it reduced my stress and changed my way of viewing life. I discovered how fun it is to challenge yourself and try new things! I became a Personal Trainer and a Running Coach to help those who needed the guidance and direction that I had been blessed to have been given.

My goal is to live life and not be restricted by health or ability if at all possible and fitness in all its forms have helped me do some pretty fantastic things! I have run 17 marathons including Boston (BQ X2) numerous races of every distance so far up to 50K. I am an avid weight trainer and yoga practitioner and believe fitness is about balance. I am always a work in progress; continuing to learn, grow and adapt. I love what I do. I love helping others reach for goals and achieve them. If you are seeking a path to live your life fully, reduce stress, be healthy. Lets sit down and chat. I would love to help you get there! For Love and Fitness Always, ❤ Cindy

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